General Home Inspection

The general home inspection covers your heating system, central air conditioning system, plumbing system, electrical system, roof coverings, exterior components, interior components, insulation, ventilation, and built-in kitchen appliances. Prices are based on house being on cement slab foundation. Prices subject to size.

0-1,500 sq. ft. 

1,501-3,500 sq. ft. 

3,501 - 4,500 sq. ft. 

4,501 - 5,500 sq. ft.


- $235.00

- $265.00

- $325.00

- $425.00

- $525.00


The General Home Inspection price is subject to house residing on a cement slab foundation. For conventional foundations i.e. crawlspaces or basements there is an additional charge for these inspections.

Conventional Foundations (crawlspaces)


- $75.00

- $75.00

Additional HVAC Inspection

The first HVAC system is included in the basic inspection. Any subsequent HVAC units for multiple stories, detached buildings, etc. that you wish inspected will be an additional charge.

Each Additional

HVAC System to Inspect

- $75.00


For a follow-up inspection for any conditional changes and to verify corrections of any repairs.

Follow-up Inspection

- $100.00

Detached/Out Buildings

The initial inspection does not include any additional stuctures in the inspection. Other structures include but are not limited to Shops, Detached Garages, Well House, Barns, etc.

Each Additional Detached Building to Inspect

- $125.00

Pre-Listing Inspections

We offer a full pre-listing inspection discount for sellers before listing you home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

- 10% off

All inspections require a signed Inspection Agreement. To view and download Inspection Agreement, click the link below.

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